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The two-wheel electric scooters with small yet powerful motors have now become truly popular in many countries. Around the globe including UAE, the number of e-scooters’ users among children, teenagers and adults are seen to have an increasing trend. If you are planning to be a part of this large family of electric scooters users and you reside in Dubai or nearby localities, you can buy electric scooters of Kugoo brand from online shop in a hassle-free way. 
To develop your familiarity with this product, you need to know about its various important components, its working mechanism, average top-speed, and charging and discharging time etc. The motor and battery of an e-scooter is finely mounted on its frame. This motor makes either one or both of its wheels move with the electric power. There is a network of wires that takes the electric power from the battery to its tiny motor. Most of the electric scooters can take the rider to a top speed of 30kmph. Although there are a few which can produce 48-50kmph speed as well. The lifecycle of an e-scooter’s battery is around two to four years or three to five thousand miles. This depends upon the usage, the weight it carries and road and weather conditions. However, whenever the battery becomes unusable it can be replaced easily. Most of the e-scooters get fully charged in 3-8 hours but those with quick charging option can also get charged within one hour. And with one full charge, it can take up to 50 kilometers distance depending on a number of on-road conditions. 
E-scooters are getting fame among the city dwellers particularly as they are the best solution to the city traffic issues. The advantages these tiny machines offer include ride easiness, quick charging, acceptably good speed and easy assembling process. Daily commuters to schools and offices prefer electric scooters not only for their convenience but also because of the low transportation and maintenance cost.   
Escooters1 is a brand of consumers’ trust. We are the most trustworthy brand in Dubai, UAE with a wide range inventory of electric scooters available for users of different ages. Contact us today and get the best e-scooters’ deals in UAE. 

KUGOO S1 Plus Electric Scooter
New Hot
Brand: Kugoo Model: Kugoo S1 Plus
If you are looking for a budget scooter to suit your limited budget, then the Kugoo S1 plus model is the right scooter for you. A sleek and beautiful design guarantees which guarantee the rider of power, speed and comfort in a go. What’s more, the folding feature and a 12 kg weight makes the Kugoo S..
AED 1,365
Ex Tax:AED 1,300
KUGOO M2 Pro Electric Scooter
New Hot
Brand: Kugoo Model: Kugoo M2 Pro
Kugoo M2 pro is the most stable scooter within its price range. It offers easy and smart mobility to get around. It is another folding scooter from Kugoo which cruises with power that only a well-designed scooter can. Kugoo M2 Pro is one of the new, modern generation smart scooters which can be cont..
AED 1,743
Ex Tax:AED 1,660
KUGOO G2 Pro Electric Scooter
New Hot
Brand: Kugoo Model: Kugoo G2 Pro
The Kugoo G2 Pro scooter is a stylish, sleek scooter that is built to last and built for you! The all-new Kugoo G2 Pro electric scooter guarantees an enjoyable and comfortable ride. The shock absorption systems assure that the rider of control and comfort in all road conditions. Kugoo G2 Pro is..
AED 3,675
Ex Tax:AED 3,500
KUGOO G-BOOSTER Electric Scooter
New Hot
Brand: Kugoo Model: Kugoo G Booster
If you are a lover of strength, speed and beauty, then this scooter is made just for you!The Kugoo G-Booster is a dual-motor scooter which gives you strength and grip for both on-road and off-road driving. The scooter is designed for convenience and power since it is rechargeable, easily foldable an..
AED 4,799
Ex Tax:AED 4,570
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