Helpful Guide for Beginner: How to ride an Electric Scooter

As riding of electric scooter is becoming popular as an acceptable means of commuting or having fun, people who are used to riding kick scooters and those who have not ridden a kick scooter may want to get an electric scooter because of its compact size, and it is less stressful to ride.  Riding an electric scooter is almost like riding a kick scooter, but there are some differences. Also, if you’ve not ridden a kick scooter before and want to get an electric scooter. You are welcome as this guide would walk you through a safe first ride on your scooter.
Safety Gear

Before having your first ride on your electric scooter, ensure you wear your safety gear to avoid injuring yourself. Accidents on an electric scooter are as bad as that on bicycles. The safety gear for riding a bicycle is similar to that of an electric scooter. They include a quality helmet, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads.
However, with time, as you begin to gain experience in riding your scooter, you may decide to or not to ride with the gloves, knee and elbow pads. But you should always wear your helmet no matter your level of experience as the head is the housing to your brain. So, protect it all the time. You can never tell what would happen.

Guidelines on how to ride an electric scooter

The learning phase of an electric scooter is faster to get over with and less injury-prone than that of a bicycle because of the smaller wheels, and the basic principles of riding it are intuitive. Your safety, while reading your electric scooter, starts from the learning phase. Follow the steps below, and you would find your first ride less challenging   

1.     Place the electric scooter on a smooth and flat paved surface or road
It is good you start your first ride on a smooth surface or road so you would not be bothered about ducking obstacles or hills on the road till you get used to handling the scooter.   
2.     Raise the scooter kickstand
Raise the scooter kickstand with either of your legs and make sure to hold it firm, so the scooter won’t fall. 
3.     Use a kick scooter stance 
Before you set into motion or start moving, place your weak leg on the scooter deck facing forward and your other leg on the floor behind your week leg, as shown in the picture below. Lean forward and hold the handlebars firmly with both hands.
4.     Placing both legs on the scooter deck
once you set into motion, place both legs on the scooter deck with your strong leg behind your weak leg. This would help minimize your size and keep you on balance.
5.     Press the throttle slightly
Different kinds of electric scooters may have various forms of throttles. However, they all perform the same function. Just like bikes, don’t apply much force on the throttle. It is good you apply the throttle gently to set the scooter in slow and steady motion while you try to attain your balance using your strong leg. Applying much force could result in something unpleasant. 
6.     Rotating the handlebars to turn
Just like riding a bike and a bicycle, the same goes for your electric scooter. When you want to change your direction or turn, softly turn the handlebars to the direction you want.
7.     Using your brakes 
Standard electric scooters have brakes similar to that of bicycles and motorcycles.  When you need to use your brakes or stop the electric scooter, don’t apply full brake abruptly. Pull the brake lever slowly to gently reduce the speed before applying full-brake.  Applying full brake suddenly, especially at high speed, could make the scooter somersault and could, in turn, lead to injuries. You could also use the rear or back brake by placing your strong leg on it. The same principle also goes for the back brake. Place your leg gently on it.

Typical errors made while riding an electric scooter
·       Applying much force on the throttle or pushing it hard.
When you apply much force to the throttle while setting into motion, it would push the scooter forward abruptly and could make you lose control of the scooter or fall off the scooter deck.
·       Pulling the brake lever too hard.
Pulling the brake lever too hard, especially when the scooter is on high speed, could throw you off the scooter or make the scooter somersault. I have tried it before, and the end result was terrible. I had bruises all over my body. So, be conscious of it. 
·       Turning the handlebars beyond expected 
While turning your scooter, there are certain limits to turn your scooter to avoid falling off. Turn the scooter gently, like riding a bicycle, and adjust your balance to keep the scooter upright.
·       Leaning on the scooter
While riding your scooter, avoid leaning on the handlebars as this could make you fall off the scooter. Rest your weight on the scooter deck.
·       Not wearing safety gear
Research has shown that half of the injuries associated with the riding of electric scooters are head injuries. And it is mostly by beginners. Wear your safety gear all the time while riding your electric scooter, particularly if you are a beginner, to avoid injuries that could be easily prevented. The most important of all safety gear is your helmet. Always have it on. 
After going through the steps listed, you would notice that the basics for riding an electric scooter are intuitive. Whether you are getting a standard electric scooter or a kid-friendly electric scooter, these tips are essential, and you should always have them in mind as you are on your way to becoming an expert in riding an electric scooter. Also, ensure to confirm if riding of electric scooter in public places is accepted in your city before venturing into riding it in public places to avoid going against the law.