The riding of an electric scooter is super fun, and it gives one a positive feeling. An electric scooter is becoming prevalent as a useful means of commuting. It is environmentally friendly, convenient to use, and you could easily maneuver your way during traffic congestion because of its small size.

As you are already on your way to riding an electric scooter, some safety measures are needed to keep you safe from the ills of not riding it safely and correctly. As the saying goes, "Safety doesn't happen by accident'. 
Thus, we have helped put together some helpful tips on what the rider should and not do and safety measures/checks you can carry out to avoid an unpleasant situation that could jeopardize your safety.
Some Basic things you should know

  • Electric scooters are not safe for children. The advisable age to use an electric scooter is from the age of 14 and above. However, there are less powerful and slower scooters that children below 14 can easily use and operate.

  • Research has shown that half of the reported injuries associated with riding bikes, motorcycles, and electric scooters are head injuries, like brain bleeds and concussions. Wear your helmet while riding your electric scooter to avoid head injuries if you fall off your scooter. Remember, there is no crime in preparing for the unexpected.
  • Electric scooters are not built for tandem riding, especially when riding on busy roads. Even when the passenger hangs on to the rider, it could lead to an accident as the rider would find it harder to control the scooter.
  • Your behaviors while riding your electric scooter say a lot about your safety. It is essential to maintain good behavior when riding your electric scooter for safety reasons. 

  • For a beginner who just got an electric scooter, getting used to the accelerator and brakes often takes time. Do not rush yourself into it. Start slowly with the accelerator and brake until you get used to riding it.
  • Avoid the temptation of riding your electric scooter with a single hand. It is dangerous. Most electric scooters have small wheels. That is, the clearance from the ground is little. This means it is easy to lose balance when riding your electric scooter. If the need to use your hand arises while riding your electric scooter, stop the scooter and attend to it before riding again. Your safety mainly depends on you.
  • As stated earlier, you should pay attention and observe everything on the road. Electric scooters have smaller wheels with less absorber compared to motorcycles and bicycles. So, they could get stuck in tiny spaces, and the rider would feel much disturbance and vibration when ridden over rocks, shattered glass and hole. Therefore, always keep an eye on the road to steer clear of things that could make you unstable because you might not get sufficient time to regain control of the scooter, especially on busy streets, before an accident would happen.
  • Be mindful of pedestrians. Observe a few meters left and right while looking ahead to be aware of people who may try to cut your route without realizing that. So, by the time you get to where they are, you won't be caught off guard, or you could use your horn before getting to where they are.
  • Motorists usually find it challenging to spot scooters with a glance in the mirror because of their compact size. Hence, when riding your electric scooters on roads, particularly on busy streets, stay alert and make yourself seen. However, if your city has bike lanes, ride on bike lane as this would be safer.
  • If riding on sidewalks is permitted by local law in your city, do not take advantage of it. Show respect for pedestrians. Slow down if there are many pedestrians on the sidewalk to avoid colliding with one.
  • Collision on an electric scooter could be as nasty as that on a bike. Therefore, be watchful of any obstructions on the road to stay away from colliding with one.
  • People who often ride bikes and even cars know that doing wild things is always fun and exciting, like speeding. Do not run faster than your skill level, and even if you want to try that out on your electric scooter, make sure that the road is free and smooth.
  • Traffic signs are placed on roads to keep you safe, maintain order and reduce accidents. Therefore, obey traffic signs and signals. Do not take a sharp turn when entering any street. Slow down on getting to the end of the driveway using proper hand signals to notify people behind, then look left and right before entering the road to avoid awful situations. 
  • Be careful when using brakes. When the need to use your brakes arises, do not apply the brakes forcefully, especially when on speed, as it could damage your scooter brake system. Therefore, apply the brakes gently but firm.
  • Be careful when riding your scooter downhill. Stop your scooter and walk to the bottom of the hill if the hill is steep.

Things you should do before riding your electric scooter

  Avoiding riding your scooter when drunk and also drinking while riding these expose you to great danger. An intoxicated person would find it challenging to keep an eye on the road.
·      Focus more on the road when riding your electric scooter. Most electric scooters have small wheels with limited suspension unless you are using a high-end electric scooter. Therefore, a hole or a bump on the road could easily make you lose your balance. Being mindful of the road would help you stay alert.
·      Observe the traffic, especially at intersections, to avoid bumping into incoming bikes or cars.
·    Refrain from using headsets while riding your scooter. While on headsets, you won't be completely aware of the things happening around you, especially behind you.
 Do the following before riding your electric scooter
·       Check if the tire pressure is sufficient as riding at low tire pressure may result in tire tears.
·       Look out for damages and loose screws and tighten them.
·       Check the battery level.
·       And lastly, check if the breaks are functioning well.
On the Road 
Your safety while riding an electric scooter doesn't depend on just you only, and it goes beyond some of the basic things we have listed and even the safety checks and measures you carried out before riding. Your environment is also a significant factor. That is why, when riding, you need to be conscious of the thing going on in your environment.
Now, you must keep in mind the three primary factors that determine your safety with an electric scooter. These factors are the rider (you), the electric scooter itself and the environmental factors/surroundings conditions. Going wrong on any of these three is likely to wreak havoc to the rider. 
Below are things you should take note of and observe while riding your electric scooter on the roads.
Ending the trip
After you've safely ridden your electric scooter to your destination, park the scooter at the designated places, i.e., at the parking stations. If no parking station is available, park properly by curbside of road.
However, ensure you didn't park your scooter in a place where it could block pedestrians, driveways, bus stops, access ramps, public property. i.e., keep it out of the public right of way. 
Also, make sure your kickstand is securely in the down position so that the scooter stays upright, and avoid parking on rocky or slopy surfaces or other uneven surfaces  
You can't be so sure of the kind of people in your environment. Thus, lock up your scooter after parking it to prevent it from being stolen. 
Electric scooters are a fantastic machine and are fun to ride on. But remember, your safety comes first and should be your number one priority. Before you venture into riding your scooter on the road, specifically on a busy street, be sure you are confident enough and could handle the scooter properly.
Always keep in mind, carefulness costs you nothing, and carelessness may cost your life. 
Be mindful of your safety and work towards being safe.    

An electric scooter, like other means of transportation, requires maintenance. It is crucial to carry out safety measures and checks before riding your electric scooter to eliminate the possibility of getting malfunction while driving, like brakes malfunctioning.