Have you ever wondered why a lot of city dwellers around you shifted to electric scooters recently? What benefit this tiny ride is giving them? And how is it the most convenient and affordable ride for short distances? All these answers and many others are mentioned here. Undoubtedly these scooters are now considered as a symbol representing the latest form of urban transportation. Just like many other countries, the number of electric scooters' users is increasing rapidly. For sure there are ground realities and benefits behind this increasing trend. So, whenever you think that why you need an electric scooter, there could be multiple answers to this.

  • Easy to Ride
  • Standing Posture Ride
  • Environment Friendly
  • Safe Ride
  • Portability
  • Less Chances of Getting Stolen
  • Affordability

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        There are a number of people around us who never wish to drive. Many among them are just reluctant because they think driving is a hard nut to crack. They also think that city traffic issues have become a source of fatigue for drivers. The majority of drivers with this kind of thinking get used to electric scooters too soon. The reason is that it is very easy to ride and handle an e-scooter.

        Most of us, whether students or job holders spend a lot of time in sitting posture. An e-scooter keeps you on the go in a standing position and makes you feel comfortable during the ride. In fact, after a hectic day, the standing posture ride on an electric scooter offers a pleasant experience. It also keeps the body balanced. 

        Among the reasons to buy an electric scooter, its being environment friendly is of critical importance. The discussion to save the environment is a hot topic nowadays which leads to a question that is your ride friendly to the environment? And to answer this, the ride should be analyzed in terms of its fuel combustion and contribution to noise and air pollution. As far as the motor of an electric scooter is concerned, it is operated with a battery. Hence, there is no concept of fuel combustion or smoke production. Most of the electric scooters available these days also do not produce any noise that makes them truly eco-friendly. These scooters are charged by electricity input and do not emit emissions like gasoline engines. It will not be a false claim that in cities, e-scooters are the most environment-friendly rides.

        Electric scooters are safe to ride. They are easily balanced and have a minimum risk element of falls and collisions as compared to many other vehicles including electric bikes. Even the escooters are safer than hover-boards, skate-boards and bicycles. The rider has maximum control with comfort and the access to the brakes of an electric scooter is also immediate. Hence, not only electric scooters offer a fun riding experience but also keep the riders safe and sound on the roads. 

        Among all the personal transports we see in the cities, escooters are the most portable. The convenience and portability of electric scooters have made them quite popular among city dwellers. So, whenever you wander about why do you need an electric scooter? Its portability could be one of the biggest reasons. You can easily carry your e-scooter in your car anywhere. And right from the car parking, you will not need to walk. 

        Even if you ride a bicycle, you will need to lock it with a chain outside parks, public areas and other places to save it from getting stolen. On contrary, an electric scooter can be easily folded and carried to different places. E-scooters are light in weight that helps the riders in keeping it with them and there is no need to lock the electric scooter somewhere outside. This decreases the chance of its theft as well.  

        The affordability of e-scooters is not only in terms of their prices but also they help the rider in saving the daily transportation cost. As these e-scooters do not consume fuel, they become a source of saving your hard-earned money on daily basis. Further, the maintenance and parts replacement such as the installation of a new battery are quite affordable. These parts and batteries are also easily available all over the UAE now. 

        It is an undeniable fact that there are multiple reasons to buy an electric scooter and there will be hardly an argument that stops you from getting it. What else do a daily commuter needs apart from fuel economy, easy handling, safe ride and portability! For the natives of UAE escooters1 is the best online store to buy electric scooters of the famous KUGOO brand. Browse our inventory today and find a rich array of escooters selling at market competitive prices.